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Župa Dubrovačka, an area with the historical name Brenum which has an Illyrian origin or Slavic form of the name Žrnovnica. It originated according to the mill trade and is located between the dignified Dubrovnik and Duboka Ljuta. It covers about 2,288 hectares with about 6,000 inhabitants. It’s location is between 42 ° 39 'north latitude and 18 ° 14' east longitude, also located 6 km southeast of the historic center of Dubrovnik in an area of mild Mediterranean climate, clear skies and warm sea.

Bordered on the north side by a hilly chain which descends steeply towards a picturesque valley filled with subtropical vegetation and a series of villages near the edge of the Župa Bay, it unites so many features of unique nature in such a small area, which certainly make it one of the most beautiful oases of Dubrovnik. The widely known Adriatic Sea in its blue depths of the bays has numerous sandy and pebble beaches that find much confirmation of its values.

Monumental and ambient architectural heritage are harmoniously complemented by numerous facilities located along the coast. The rich tourist offer satisfies the wishes of even the most demanding visitors, from gastronomic offers, entertainment and cultural events, to sports on land and sea. Therefore, because of all this diversity, to come to Župa Dubrovačka once - means to return to it again and meet it again and again.


The geographical position of this area is a typical Mediterranean style with mild and humid winters but hot and steamy summers (averages about 2,600 hours of sunshine).

The average annual rainfall is about 1,250 mm, air temperature is 17 °C, and the summer sea temperature 22 °C. There are a lot of sunny days even during the winter months.

The average summer air temperature is 27 °C, which is alleviated by a mild mistral - a messenger of nice weather, while during the colder months you will find winds bora and jugo usually blowing.


Our coast is beautiful, it’s imbued with bays, beaches, steep cliffs and many wooded islands.

There is a great variety of flora which is dominated by cypresses, pines and olives as well as vineyards, lemon and orange plantations. You can find a bunch of aromatic herbs and flowers as well as exotic herbs such as palms, agaves and cacti that create a special atmosphere.

Nature lovers will find a real Mediterranean landscape here and sailing lovers will be thrilled by the beautiful sea and marinas


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