The pearl of the far south of Croatia

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On the very south of Croatia, not even 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik, lies Cavtat - a city of exceptional architecture, rich history and beauty. It’s a town of numerous palaces, residences and monuments from the Roman era that is located on a peninsula called Rat, which together with the neighboring Sustjepan peninsula, forms a well-protected and accessible bay.

This city is the only and largest urban core in Konavle that was built according to plan. The place is rich in offers for tourists and everyone can find something for themselves.

It was founded by the Illyrians in the 6th century BC, later ruled by the Greeks making it their colony. It was then conquered by the Romans in 228 BC and so Cavtat continued to develop until the 7th century AD when it was destroyed. The recovery began in the 15th century when a significant development followed as is was bought by the Republic of Dubrovnik, together with the area of Konavle. The city was rebuilt.

Such a rich and interesting heritage has made Cavtat a beautiful coastal town that tells a new story around every corner: its beautiful Gothic Renaissance center is decorated with fragments from previous times - mosaics, stales, architraves and so on. The remains of a Roman amphitheater can be seen next to the Franciscan monastery, at the top of the Rat peninsula on which Cavtat is located you can find the remains of a Roman forum and a Greek temple. Today, another valuable building is located on the same site, the mausoleum of the Račić family, made by the great Croatian sculptor of the 20th century, Ivan Meštrović. Another great Croatian art of the 19th and 20th centuries is related to Cavtat: the painter Vlaho Bukovac was born here. Today you can visit his birthplace.

Based on the votes of tourists, Cavtat took a high third place on the list of the best destinations in Europe in 2021. From January 20th to February 10th 2021, millions of travelers and tourists from all around the world voted for their favorite destinations, including Cavtat, Paris, Rome, the Canary Islands, Cappadocia, Capri, Florence and others.

In addition to the excellent third place of the most desirable European destinations, Cavtat has been on the list of the safest destinations in Europe since 2020.

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