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Ivanica Village Parcels

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Parcel number 1196/38 - HOTEL

Parcel area includes 4,131m2. It is intended for a hotel with accompanying facilities. The location of this parcel is at the very entrance into the resort. Distance between the boarder of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dubrovnik-Trebinje road is 30 meters.

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Ivanica, a new tourist resort, is located on the peaks above Dubrovnik Riviera, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the boarder between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and it offers a beautiful panoramic sea view of Dubrovnik and Cavtat.

This project includes an area of 550,000m2 from the Croatian boarder high up in the hills. It is planned to build 230 luxury villas, a hotel, a petrol station and a shopping center. On the neighbouring parcel there would be tennis courts, a golf course and other facilities.

Plots for the hotel, petrol station and shopping center are located at the very entrance into the resort, along the Trebinje-Dubrovnik main road. Roads with two traffic lanes are made through the entire resort. All parcels are building plots, private property 1/1 with the prescribed building conditions of 500-1,200m2. It is allowed to build on two or three levels, depending on the location of the plot.

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